As a result of skirmishes in Facebook had revealed shocking details about the people closely associated with BTC-e

As a result of skirmishes in Facebook had revealed shocking details about the people closely associated with BTC-e

When in 1966 by Professor Joseph Weisenbaum created the program Eliza capable of supporting primitive writing dialogue with the people, he found an amazing thing — almost all of whom he for the sake of experiment drew to communicate with the “Eliza”, a short time later began to dump the computer, such details of his personal life, which in other circumstances they would have had to pull ticks.

This lack of restraint we can observe today in social networks. Drunk girl’s revelations, published in the night and vanishing in the morning — this is held on a separate subgenre. But among these beads there are some real carbuncles — so yesterday, the result of intemperate altercation on Facebook, revealed some interesting details about what happened and is happening in people whose names are associated with the “Russian Mt.Gox” BTC — e.

Here’s what we found out through comments to this post:

Konstantin Voronchihin (acting under the name of Nikolay Kuzmenko) confirmed that he was the founder of the exchange BTC-e:

“[I] founder of the exchange, I have these assholes stole it”, “I also claim the money, only I have legal rights more than all of you put together.” Voronchihin accuses Igor Ashmanov in the attempt on his life (“your killer was running after me [in Thailand] 2 months did not find the left”) and that Ashmanov is one of those who got stolen from the exchange of money (“And then came and those who share with those who are with***DIL balances”).

Voronchihin writes that he was offered to Dmitry Vasiliev (today already former co-owner of WEX, a year ago, assures the public that money on BTC-e lost “the strength of the 5% of users”) and Timothy Musatov — lawyer Alexander winnick (as well as lawyer Igor Ashmanov and his wife, Natalia Kasperskaya, which, according to Musatov, pure coincidence), organize the release (or escape?) Winnik for half a million euros:

“Tell me, when I have offered to get winnik for 500k euros and he will be Peter, that you told me? It is not necessary to anybody. Or am I lying?”

Igor Ashmanov confirmed that while the market is not turned into WEX, (while she was BTC-e), trade it “is quite controlled [Sergei] Mikhailov,” and now, “hand on the stock exchange imposed [Constantine] Malofeev Donetsk with their arrows”. Ashmanov denies any involvement in the hiring contract killers to voronchihina and their involvement in the management of BTC-e:

“They needed a roof. I do not provide the roof and cybervalley not interested”

Immediately after the detention of Alexander winnick script has been launched, which brought the accounts with cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, dispersing it through a thousand purses. Who put the script into the system, who started it, whose wallets the money went? Konstantin Voronchihin writes:

“The question we must ask Sasha Klimenko from fhopen [FXOpen], this thing stood for Vinnik, they stole my exchange”.

Konstantin Voronchihin about WEX today:

“The exchange will be no more. Yesterday talked with them. The terpenes with the balance of fortune in dreams”.

However, in some ways the panelists came to a consensus the results Aleksandra winnik France it will mean a quick (very) transfer to the United States.

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