As a modest school report on bitcoin, 2014 has brought its author international fame

As a modest school report on bitcoin, 2014 has brought its author international fame

In 2014 an ordinary girl from a distant bitcoins Alaska chose the topic of your school project.

For educational purposes it has created 30 paper wallet containing BTC, his classmates. A paper wallet is an offline method of storing cryptocurrency; on paper in the form of QR codes printed keys — personal and public. It is safe because the user has full control of your wallet — the main thing is to ensure the safety of the paper.

Three years later it turned out that most of her classmates managed to keep their purses, and means that now at them is enough to pay for higher education. In the most advantageous position remained the girl who started it all. She agreed with the parents, so they gave her pocket money in bitcoins. Today on her account for 3.5 BTC. Armed with bitcoins, kindly provided by members of r/bitcoin and support their insane parents, this girl in 12 years have created a presentation booth, which posted information about what Bitcoin is, how it works and how it can be used. Her submission obviously impressed the judges, who gave her first place at the International science fair Alaska. Today she is 15 and she still remains a devoted fan of Bitcoin.

The mother of a schoolgirl this week’s post, which told the story of this project:

“Of the 30 children now for about 15 years, and they have kept their wallets, and some even slightly increased their holdings in bitcoins… Those who have not spent the money, now saving up for their College or save for the future.”

She finished: “This small group of crypto kids from Alaska on paramno discusses the benefits of decentralization, foci and current jumps of the exchange rate of bitcoin. And it all started in a small research project in 2014 “.

During the project, one bitcoin was worth about $ 850. Students who were disciplined enough to hodl, now quite wealthy guys. The mother of the heroine of this story said that stores the secret key in a safe place and give it to daughter when she turns 18.

As this story illustrates, never too early to teach their children to handle money and make financial decisions on their own. For parents who are big supporters of Bitcoin, there are many ways to awaken their kids in interest in the cryptocurrency.

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