As a 16-year-old investor has become a crypto millionaire

As a 16-year-old investor has become a crypto millionaire

Stories about how people made a fortune on bitcoin very much. Among them there are unique cases that causes people to wonder and even to turn green with envy.

Eddie Silan made a fortune by investing in crypto currencies is their money given to him for his bar mitzvah (coming of age).

According to the Telegraph, the young investor entered the market in 16 years. He first invested in bitcoin is $1000, then another $5000 received for my bar mitzvah.

However, hard-working Eddie was not sitting idly by waiting for easy money. On vacation he was working to get extra money for investment:

“Then I invested another $6000 received and accumulated in the result of years of work.”

Seeing that investment generates income, Zellan began learning various tricks from the world of trading to make the money work as efficiently as possible. When a young man began working at the market, crypto-currencies were not popular and trade information of them was not so much because of Sillona it’s safe to call the trader self-taught.

“I am fully trained in everything you need on the trading market on their own, and I owe my success only to myself. I didn’t have a mentor. I learned from their mistakes and have studied many”.

Like many other crypto-millionaires, Sillan estimates earned $1 million.

“I earned about one million. However, the market is too volatile, so one day I can earn $150 000, the other to lose $100,000, and therefore quite difficult to give an exact dollar estimate to my portfolio”.

During a protracted decline in the exchange rate of bitcoin is in 2016, Sellan brought him money, and now enjoys cryptocurrency Ethereum. In addition, the trader self-taught pointed in the right direction with their invaluable knowledge and experience, opening a cryptocurrency investment consultation.

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