Artificial intelligence has tried to explain Bitcoin

Artificial intelligence has tried to explain Bitcoin

22 may on Youtube was posted a very intriguing video in which Artificial Intelligence has tried to explain his vision of Bitcoin. To be honest — came out complete nonsense!

A neural network was developed by Botnik Studios , which describes itself on Twitter as “human-machine creativity”. In a video on Youtube the voice “belongs” to AI, although it is more correct to say that AI is the author of the text, who read the voice.

To acquaint the viewer with the technology in the first video States that “Bitcoin is the most valuable form of electricity.” Then AI teaches the viewer that mining the most valuable cryptocurrency — not time-consuming and effort does not require:

“Pick a random number in the range from one to thirty thousand. Then spend the resulting money on Ethereum. This is called the hashing code so you can get some bitcoins”.

In the video, of course, not left without attention and the Blockchain that the user can access by installing the “exploit.bin”. While AI has warned that the file will remind the user of his worst nightmares.

Here are a few crazy statements:

“The most popular form of Bitcoin — “Dickie Richard”, which you can use to buy coffee”

“Despite the risks, the main advantage of Bitcoin is that you can load the future version of yourself to the Darknet, but it will void your retirement account, because it will be more than 1,000 years.”

The video ends with the two main warnings for all viewers, the first of which is that “the safest way to protect your bitcoin wallet — just lose it”, and the second is more personal:

“Warning: the last time I minil fresh bitcoin billionaire mark Febury tried to patent my life”

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