Arthur Hayes: the air will return to the $200 level, but it is unlikely before 2020

Arthur Hayes: the air will return to the $200 level, but it is unlikely before 2020

CEO BitMEX sure that the air is able “very quickly” to test the level of $200. For it is only the revival of the market is ICO, which, however, can be expected not earlier than in a year and a half.

Arthur Hayes never really loved Live and had spared him for derogatory epithets, and now believes that the fall of the third volume of capitalization of crypto currency is quite natural.

“The use of the ether — it’s in the first place ICO. Now that market is dead, says the CEO of BitMEX. When you go back ICO, ether very quickly test the $200 level, but ICO will revive not earlier than in 12-18 months.”

Not particularly bright prospects Hayes draws and Bitcoin — in his opinion, in 2019 Bitcoin will be traded in the corridor of $1000-$10000. And if the upper limit seen as of today, a sparkling top, $1000 per Bitcoin — it is rather the Mariana trench, even for the market in its current state.

That will benefit investors demand in 2019, so it is a token of securities and is relatively safe stabilini, says Hayes. So it will be up until the horizon reappears ICO. However, due to what they can resurface the head BitMEX does not specify.

By mid-day Wednesday, 26 December, and Bitcoin, and the air has stabilized after a decline the day before. Bitcoin is trading at around $3800, ether — just below $130. The market seems to be trying to find a sideways trend after another decline, but the situation is still far from stable.

Meanwhile, an interesting observation was shared by the expert of the analytical edition of the Block — trading volume in Bitcoin and Ether in December increased significantly. For the week from 17 to 23 December, the transaction volume of Bitcoin reached $46 billion, with Broadcast — $18.5 billion the Last time this indicator weekly trading volume recorded in may 2018, when the market was absolutely other prices and sounded completely different forecasts.

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