App Robinhood launched cryptocurrency trading

App Robinhood launched cryptocurrency trading

Popular app for traders Robinhood officially launched cryptocurrency trading in the five States of the USA.

The company claims that the residents of California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana and new Hampshire can now buy or sell bitcoin and ether using the new Crypto platform Robinhood. The service also allows investors to track price fluctuations 14 other cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, cash, litecoin, XRP, ethereum classic, zcash for, monero, bitcoin, gold, and dogecoin.

Robinhood was first announced on the launch platform for cryptocurrency trading last month. The company claims that therefore, she wants to introduce cryptocurrency more people and to “democratize” trading and investing in cryptocurrency.

Robinhood is very popular especially among beginners and small traders as the platform no commissions:

Right now on our site 4 million, and trading volume exceeded 100 billion. Due to the fact that all trades are without Commission we were able to save our user $ 1 billion. With the release of Robinhood Crypto we continue working on our mission, which aims to make the financial investment available to everyone, not just for the rich.

For example, another popular North American exchanger Coinbase basic Commission is 4%. Although the number of users of Coinbase currently exceeds the number of users Robinhood, many analysts believe that this will not last long.

In addition to Robinhood Crypto, the company announced the imminent release of Robinhood a Feed platform, a media platform that will allow investors to discuss the various cryptocurrencies, news, other things of relevance to the financial markets in real time.

The Feed platform is currently only available to a limited number of people.

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