Antpool voluntarily burns a Bitcoin Cash. Why?

Antpool voluntarily burns a Bitcoin Cash. Why?

Antpool regularly sends small amounts of Cash in Bitcoin to the address, over which the company has control. Objective reasons for such actions, the company at first sight. So why do they do it?

Antpool earns a Commission from the mining. And more recently, all these fees are sent to the address that Antpool has no control. In the foreseeable future will be burned a total of twelve percent of all transaction fees received by the pool. This also applies to any new blocks that will appear in the pool.

Such decision the company has made voluntarily and explains to him that so want to support a new cryptocurrency, actively reducing the number of BCH in circulation. Although 12% of Commission – is still very small, but the company believes that even such actions can positively affect the price of the cryptocurrency

Moreover, the upcoming hardwork Bitcoin Cash also influenced the decision. The company expects that in the near future on the basis of the BCH will be a large number of applications, which also should positively affect the price.

Bitcoin is Cash, has become almost the only successful cryptocurrency, which appeared on the base of the fork Bitcoin. However, before Ethereum and even XRP, Bitcoin Cash is still far. Although the support of such companies as Antpool this cryptocurrency certainly has prospects, but whether it will reach its goal and will replace Bitcoin in the future remains unclear.

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