Antpool adds support Siacoin

Antpool adds support Siacoin

AntPool, one of the largest mining pools, announced that it will now support the token siacoin.

Currently, the power of AntPool account for 18 percent of the total hash power of the bitcoin network.

Recently the giant mining industry Bitmain owning AntPool, has launched production of a new line of products called AntMiner A3. According to a statement by Bitmain, the new 815 GH/s miner supports the hash algorithm “blake2b”, which is also used in the blockchain sia.

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Siacoin is a token blockchain network sia, which, in turn, was developed by Boston startup Nebulous.

Not everyone greeted this news with enthusiasm, at least one member of the team siacoin under the pseudonym “Taek42” in Reddit, said that Bitmain is configured not to develop the sia ecosystem, but primarily for profit. Taek42 added that for mining in the network, sia can be used AntMiner A3, but this would require a soft fork.

Some agreed with the Taek42, but others were excited about this cryptocurrency on the platform of AntPool. For example, the user JoWi96 on Reddit stated that:

Bitmain selling miner Sia, this is great news for prices on Siacoin.

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