Antonopoulos will not go to lunch with Buffett

Antonopoulos will not go to lunch with Buffett

Andreas Antonopoulos will not be present at a charity lunch with Warren Buffett. A supporter of Bitcoin, who is an acknowledged master in the clarification of values BTC has no plans to join the founder of TRON Justin Sana’a as one of seven guests.

This week, the San won the right at a charity lunch with Buffett, paying for it $4.57 million In an interview with CNBC, CEO of BitTorrent TRON and said he plans to invite the leaders of the blockchain for lunch.

As candidates, he was named Director General of the Binance Canina Zhao, co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin and founder of Litecoin Charlie Lee, in addition, it is assumed the presence of the leaders of the mining industry.

CZ almost immediately declined the invitation, Sana, saying that he was “too far”. Buterin and If still not answered. Many members of the cryptocurrency community have offered Andreas Antonopoulos as one of the guests of Sana, because it can explain to people what Bitcoin is like no other. But today Andres, tweeted that he was not interested in this meeting.

“My Twitter is literally exploding because of the thousands of messages of people who “voluntarily” offer me to have lunch with the investor, as calculated on PR cryptocurrency. (No, thank you.) If you had an important message for me, you may have to retry to send it through the week.”

Most people agree that the lunch with Buffett, for which Justin San paid $4.57 million, was a personal PR, and frankly, it worked. The major media and the major financial media have paid great attention to order, and his designs TRON and BitTorrent.

Who else is pushing Sana, going lunch with him, is unknown.

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