Antivirus token: safe Internet real?

Antivirus token: safe Internet real?

Virus threats on the Internet big set, but the means of their detection and neutralization never enough.

First a virus, then protection from it. Remember the recently discovered bugs Spectre and Meltdown, which showed that threats for many years, to remain invisible. Such huge technical failures attract attention, however, each of us is much more likely to suffer from small threats such as hacking, e-mail or an attachment downloaded a malicious link.

So is there a chance for ordinary Internet users to protect themselves from this omnipresent threat? In Swarm Technologies took up the challenge, calling it an incentive for security experts to show himself in all his glory.

Separated from Narf Industries, which recently completed a project for the Department of homeland security U.S. team Swarm Technologies believes that cryptocurrency may be a way more rapid elimination of the “gaps” in the software. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, the company announced that ICO launches with the aim to attract specialists from all over the world together to create a more secure Internet.

Profit obtained during the ICO, which will begin February 6, and this 50 million dollars will go to create a platform called PolySwarm centre, where researchers of cyber security will gather together working on the so-called “micromotors” machines to scan files and web sites that can hide vulnerability.

The blockchain is increasingly used for the distribution of community goals. According to the founder of the company Steve Bussey, was inspired by Augur – market forecasting atheroma. Although Augur uses the wisdom of users to predict the results PolySwarm wants to motivate the experts.

To more effectively deal with threats, Swarm seeks to involve the IT team and the developers of anti-virus software. These professionals will to build machines to perform specific scanning, receiving as reward tokens Nectar.

And, according to Bassi, this method of use will give the opportunity to look for money in new ways, as a way of ensuring security on the Internet.

Details ICO/PreICO

Symbol – NCT;the Name – Nectar;Standard – ERC-20;Platform Ethereum;the Total number of tokens: Will be specified at the time of sale of tokens;Available for purchase: 70%;Maximum goal is $50 million;the Minimum goal is$5 million;

Will begin February 6, 2018 and will end on February 20, 2018.

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