Another lawsuit against cryptocurrency exchanges Coincheck. At this time, require nearly $ 800,000

Another lawsuit against cryptocurrency exchanges Coincheck. At this time, require nearly $ 800,000

Against hacked in January, the Japanese exchange Coincheck was filed another lawsuit in the amount of approximately 82 million yen (about 771 000 USD), reports Cointelegraph Japan today, April 2.

26 January 2018 Coincheck has been hacked and more than $ 530 million in NEM left the wallets in the pockets of the hackers. At some period after the attack, the exchange froze withdrawals that led to today’s consequences.

Against Coincheck has already conducted two trials. The first lawsuit was filed by counsel, hiromu Mochizuki, who gathered a group of 10 cryptocurrency traders to submit their InterAMI in court. The reason for the motion was that the prohibition of exchange for withdrawals to external wallets after a hacker attack.

The second lawsuit against Coincheck was filed by the same lawyer for the same reason, but this time the list of plaintiffs includes 132 of the trader, the amount of the claim which is 228 million yen (about 2 million USD).

However, Japanese law firm ITJ in which hiromu Mochizuki, and that is the last trial advised on its web site about filing a lawsuit against Coincheck. The firm asserts that the payment was calculated incorrectly, and they would “claim damages” in the calculation of the difference “in the prices of cryptocurrencies” before the incident and the costs that tokens can help the plaintiffs today.”

March 13, Coincheck has started to recover stolen NEM at the rate 88,549 (in Japanese yen or 0.83 U.S. dollar), as indicated in its original payment plan. Compensation was given to all the customers who have to Deposit the token at the close of operations on January 26.

Before Coincheck has started to pay compensation to the blog of the law firm, the plaintiff was marked by three important price points, which need to be taken into account in the calculations of the amounts of compensation:

  • the first is 11:58 on January 26, when Coincheck “limited output” NEM,
  • second — the price at 16:37 on 26 January, when Coincheck has temporarily suspended the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies as a Fiat,
  • the third point — the price when the media actively covered the hacker attack

These price points intended for the plaintiffs, who at some point are unable to withdraw their savings.

Japanese Aussens law firm also represents plaintiffs against Coincheck, which submitted their applications to the district court of Tokyo on 26 February, 14 March and 28 March.

After a hacker attack, the financial services Agency (FSA) began on 15 unregistered cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, demanded that seven of them (including Coincheck) to apply for a work permit in the domestic market and temporarily suspending the activities of the two exchanges.

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