Another cryptocurrency exchange moves to Malta: OKEx relocating

Another cryptocurrency exchange moves to Malta: OKEx relocating

Today, April 12, in the information blog cryptocurrency exchange OKEx, a note informing the user of “moving” the headquarters of the platform in Malta. By the way, OKEx ranks second in the world for daily trading volume of cryptocurrencies.

The leaders of the exchange told us about his meeting with the Maltese government and the leaders of regulation in order to delve deeper into their legislative and regulatory plans. Making sure that the government’s approach to regulation and they are completely satisfied, it was decided to make Malta as a base for further growth OKEx.

OKEx — one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, a subsidiary of popular Chinese cryptocurrency platform OKCoin, was launched in may of 2017 with the aim of providing users of futures trading after the closing of the relevant section on the main site. The volume of transactions performed daily by on its platform, is about $2 billion.

Chris Lee, CEO OKEx, said:

“We look forward to the opportunity to work with the government of Malta because they are forward thinking and they share many of our values: most important of which are the protection of traders and the General public, the fight against money laundering, the KYC principle, the recognition of innovation and the importance of further development of the ecosystem of the blockchain “.

Tim Byung, chief risk officer and head of public relations OKEx, said:

“The law of virtual financial assets, Malta is a solid basis for the development of the industry…a Reasonable approach, based on a risk assessment, will help cultivate a responsible, consistent and a healthy ecosystem “.

OKEx expects will join the growing community of Malta Blockchain, as well as to participate in the conference, DLT Delta Conference, which will be held in October 2018.

Malta is a country in the European Union, actively creates regulatory and technical infrastructure, supporting the industry of the blockchain. Earlier this year, the Maltese government announced plans to create a bill of Digital Innovation Authority, which aims to ensure legal certainty in the use of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

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