Anonymous cryptocurrency trader buys Bitcoin at $ 400 million

Anonymous cryptocurrency trader buys Bitcoin at $ 400 million

Beginning in 2018 was a tumultuous period for the cryptocurrency.

A digital currency grew in value, and, it seemed, that else slightly and the total market capitalization will overcome the mark of $ 1 trillion. But this has not happened — prices have collapsed, and most of the cryptocurrency of the top 20 have dropped significantly.

Although the price dump and ended up bursting the bubble that is predicted by many analysts, the top cryptocurrencies, and even industry leader Bitcoin, fell to the lowest levels in recent months.

Though Bitcoin fell below $ 6000 per coin in early February, the price again increased significantly. In fact, over the past two weeks it increased in price by more than 60%, finally rising above $ 10,000.

Apparently, an anonymous trader who made such a large investment in Bitcoin, thinks the upward trend will continue. However, the price of Bitcoin remains far below its record high reached at the end of 2017.

Who is this mysterious trader who bought Bitcoins on such a fabulous sum? At the moment, his or her identity impossible to determine.

“It is not clear who is the big buyer, but many have gained Bitcoin on a deep drawdown and continued to buy when the position of regulators in the US and Asia cleared”, commented founding partner of Capital Tetras Alex Sunnarborg.

The purchase was made between 9 and 12 February to the address 3Cbq7aT1tY8kMxWLbitaG7yT6bPbKChq64. The balance of this account increased from 55 000 BTC to more than 96 000 BTC.

The actions of even one anonymous trader can influence the entire industry as a whole.

“Kit with a 400 million dollar… Channels Telegram, where traders post their conspiracy theories, will be discussed”, – said the President of the company Blockchain 360 USA Jeff Cohen.

In any case, if Bitcoin will continue to gain momentum, the anonymous buyer will soon find itself in the list of cryptocurrency billionaires.

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