Announced a new line of powerful ASIC miners for Ethereum

Announced a new line of powerful ASIC miners for Ethereum

Developer chip, with extensive experience in the development of bitcoin miners, has announced a new line of products for mining ethereum.

Chen Min, a former head of production at Canaan Creative, a company that specializiruetsya on the creation of bitcoin miners, announced the creation of a new company that will manufacture miners called Linzhi. The first project of the company focuses on the algorithm ethhash used ethereum and ethereum classic, and the first devices will appear next year

The company claims that the new miner Linzhi will consume 8 times less electricity than the equivalent from Bitmain, and the performance of the new device will be 1400 million hashes per second, which is almost 10 times greater than devices from Bitmain.

These figures mean that Linzhi will generate approximately $ 20 per day, while the device from Bitmain brings only $ 3 a day. The company claims that the device will pay for itself in just 4 months, although the exact price of the device is still unknown.

Currently, the company is still working on product development. In sale the new device will arrive in 2019.

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