Android devices at risk: mining discovered a new virus

Android devices at risk: mining discovered a new virus

Researchers from the Chinese company in the field of cyber security 360Netlab discovered a new malware for mining cryptocurrency based on Android.

This became known after the publication in the company blog.

As reported 360Netlab, the worm ADB.Miner can work on any Android device, including smartphones, tablets and set-top boxes. After getting on the device, the worm first tries to get on other available devices, and then begins mining Monero (XMR). All funds sent to one address.

According to the report 360Netlab, cryptocurrency worm ADB.Miner has been actively spread since February 5, and at the moment infected about 7000 Android devices, mostly in China (39%) and South Korea (39%). The researchers emphasize that, in the beginning, the speed of propagation of ADB.Miner was very high, and the number of infected devices has doubled every 12 hours. At the moment, this number has stabilized and is approximately 7,000 devices.

The malware is distributed using a public Android Debug Bridge (ADB) through the open port 5555, which is normally closed. At the current stage of the study, security professionals claim that they “have no idea about how, when and why this port was open.”

Monero is very popular among the creators of malware for mining, what is an anonymous cryptocurrency. Recently, we reported that hackers managed to incorporate mining script in the advertisement on one of the most popular sites in the world

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