An innovative approach to trade the genetic data on the basis of the blockchain

An innovative approach to trade the genetic data on the basis of the blockchain

Large amounts of data is a lot of money. And large corporations like Google and Facebook, have made billions on your personal data.

The value of medical and genetic data even more. The company can profit from using them, when you pass the genetic tests. The decision to return to people control over their genetic and DNA data is in the blockchain.

It is reported that in the past year has seen unprecedented public demand for genetic testing. Companies like AncestryDNA, spent about 10 million tests. Of course, these tests are paid, but the real value lies in the genetic data and DNA that can be sold to third-party medical companies.

The demand for genome

There is a growing demand for data on the human genome and research, which create conflict between individuals, corporations and medical institutions. The solution to this problem is a decentralized blockchain and cryptocurrency tokens that provide encrypted exchange of medical and genetic data. This is a nascent industry in which many startups are focused on the use of blockchain technology for innovative solutions.

On one of these platforms – Encrypgen users can upload and safely store genomic data for family members (up to five people). After granting permission, such data can be sent to your doctor. Can be used by providers of decoding genetic sequences on a private blockchain. Users can also upload data on DNA with the help of third-party providers. They also receive notice when a third party interested in the purchase of their genomic data. The transaction will be conducted via crypto tokens of the DNA and recorded in a private register.


Other companies included in this nascent industry with its own platforms. Zenome uses nodes to the sets of private computers distributed approach to genetic analysis. Data is fragmented and encrypted to prevent data theft. Their first download of free. Instead, provide secure storage and a free report on the state of health and origin. Users can sell their own data using the crypto token of the company is ZEN.

Luna DNA uses a slightly different approach. Users can download data for the purposes of the study of health in exchange for Luna Coin. Research institutions and pharmaceutical companies can purchase the de-identified data. Certain genomic tests will be carried out only with the consent of the user.

To assess the human genome is not so simple. So only with time will become clear, justified such an innovative approach based on blockchain to trade genetic data.

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