AMD will increase the production of graphics cards for crypto currency miners

AMD will increase the production of graphics cards for crypto currency miners

In connection with the increase in market demand for graphics cards, AMD plans to increase their production. Newly released GPUs RX Vega literally disappeared from the shelves due to the rapid growth of the popularity of mining crypto currency among investors and enthusiasts. Revenue from sales of graphics cards has reached nearly $1 billion in the last quarter of 2017. In terms of lack of products the company intends to meet the demands of both gamers and miners.

The increased interest in the mining of cryptocurrencies over the past year has forced the company to manufacture computer hardware, including AMD, to develop production to meet the growing demand.

The meteoric rise of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies have attracted many new investors and enthusiasts in the mining business. GPUs are also used for mining altcoins such as Monero and Ethereum, which requires a weaker computational power.

The appetite of the miners have forced Nvidia’s chief rival AMD, to follow a new policy concerning sales that gamers were also able to obtain the necessary processors. Recently, the company has established a limit on the number of graphics cards that can go in one hand retail stores.

AMD has acknowledged that there is a significant shortage of cards Radeon. Promising to increase production, the company hopes to meet the growing market demand, while not disappointing any of the customers.

AMD CEO Lisa su in an interview with the publication Polygon said:

“Number of graphics cards for users is much lower than we would like. The company is ramping up production”.

This statement is contrary to the opinion expressed last fall. Then Lisa su claimed that the company expects a decrease in demand from miners, which promises to stabilize in the fourth quarter, because there is a restocking warehouses.

In conversation with investors su said that the miners bring in enough big income AMD. In the fourth quarter of 2017 Advanced Micro Devices reported a profit of $1.48 billion, of which $958 million was received from the division of the Computing and Graphics. For the year the sale of cards increased by 60%, and Vega and Vega 56 64 became the most popular.

Many mining pools have noted the high deficit on the market of graphics processors and some of them have already announced the intention to realize their own ambitions in the manufacture of equipment for mining.

It is noteworthy that an important factor for manufacturers is still fluctuation in the demand for mining equipment, which generally follows the UPS and downs of the cryptocurrency market, as the profitability of mining largely depends on the value of the mined coins, the price of which significantly affects the profit.

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