AMD has released the cryptocurrency an update for their drivers

AMD has released the cryptocurrency an update for their drivers

Graphics card manufacturer AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) has released an update for their drivers, which should improve the processes associated with the mining of cryptocurrencies.

In the description of the release of the Radeon Adrenalin Edition 18.3.4 explains that one of the update is actually a fix one of the problems that occurred when AMD used for mining.

To define the loads (associated with peredelnyj the block chain) products showed worse performance than expected, compared with the previous versions of the software for Radeon”.

It is noteworthy that the updates for software that is “responsible” for calculations during the game, not in the mining process, as you would expect.

Recall that in August last year, the company has released a special software called Radeon Crimson ReLive Edition Beta, which is recommended for use when using AMD’s products Mein cryptocurrencies.

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The software was released “as is and will not be supported further,” which suggests that AMD is not considering the cryptocurrency segment as one which can provide significant demand.

Recall that in its annual report AMD, in particular, noted that the demand on the part of miners can cause serious damage to its business.

The company expressed concern about the fact that the volatility of the cryptocurrency market affects the demand on the graphics card.

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