Amazon Web Services will not launch a blockchain services

Amazon Web Services will not launch a blockchain services

Despite the rumors, in the near future, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will not offer services based on blockchain technology.

CEO Andy Assi statements were made at the annual conference AWS re: Invent held in Las Vegas in late November. Assi talked about their views on blockchain technology and stated that the scope of application of this technology beyond the systems of distributed registries is satisfied is limited. He also confirmed the company’s policy “not to engage in some technology, just because we think it’s cool.”

According to ASI, there are other solutions to the problems which are solved by the blockchain technology. He stressed that most of the systems of the distributed registries that are available so far, have very limited opportunities.

However, ASCI does not deny the possibility of using and working with this technology in the future:

We are very interested to see how to use this technology to our customers.

Competitors AWS

Unlike AWS, companies such as Microsoft and International Business Machines (IBM), actively promote projects related to the blockchain services and systems of distributed registries. In the last two months these companies has launched several blockchain services and pilot projects in cooperation with its customers.

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