Amazon and R3 have partnered

Amazon and R3 have partnered

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced a partnership with R3, the aim of which is capable of functioning Corda platform on AWS. Corda allows users to install DApps on AWS and create a new app directly.

This is definitely positive news, particularly against the background of the trial with Ripple on the unfulfilled agreement to purchase tokens, which would be R3 a profit of $ 1 billion. The latest ruling increases the chances of success in this proceeding.

Amazon… The Bitcoin Blockchain…?

Amazon is very slowly moving in the direction of the blockchain technology and applications operating on it – and it remains a mystery to many analysts. Just last week the General Director of AWS Andy Assi said that the company does not intend in the near future to develop in this direction. Despite the fact that the main competitor in the U.S. market – Overstock became one of the first companies that started to accept bitcoin for payment, and the numerous rumors, Amazon has still not done so and has not made any statements regarding when this is to be expected.

Perhaps the new partnership is a sign that Amazon is becoming more loyal to the new technology.

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