Already 16 million Americans invested in cryptocurrency

Already 16 million Americans invested in cryptocurrency

According to a new survey about 16.3 million Americans, representing 8 percent of the total population of the country has invested in cryptocurrency. About 5 per cent invested directly in bitcoin.

Of those 92% who are not invested in cryptocurrency to 40% is simply not interested, and 35 percent believe it is too risky.

Among the remaining respondents, 27% said that “it’s too difficult for them to understand” and 18% called cryptocurrency fraud, 17 percent believe the cryptocurrency bubble, 11% said “it’s too hard to use”, and 6% think fees are too high.

Men were nearly three times more likely to invest in cryptocurrency, than women, among the men surveyed, 12 percent reported the existence of a cryptocurrency, in women this figure was only 4%.

Seventeen percent of Millennials said they invested in cryptocurrencies, and is the highest compared with other generations. However, 15 percent of them said that the cryptocurrency is too difficult to use, and 31 said that “I do not understand it.”

Among the representatives of generation X, only 9% stated that “it is too difficult to use,” and almost 26% say that “it’s too hard to understand.”

The survey also revealed that the bitcoin investing often 5%, followed by Ethereum – 2 percent, while the share of those who invested in Bitcoin Cash accounted for only 0.90 percent. The survey was conducted among 2 001 American users of Pureprofile, the site, where people voluntarily respond to questionnaires for a fee.

It is worth noting that users of Pureprofile know how to use the Internet well enough to earn money.

According to another study published in this month’s crypto-currency platform for credit Lendingblock, more than half of people believe that cryptocurrency will be widely used by 2025.

A study conducted by Nomura Instinet, also published this month, showed that 60 percent of shops that use the mobile payment system Square, are willing to accept bitcoin instead of cash. Analyst at Nomura Instinet is Given Dole commented on the results:

“This result is surprising, especially in conditions of high volatility of cryptocurrency.

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