Aion launches “token bridge”

Aion launches “token bridge”

Network Aion was created to provide interoperability between different blockchains. One of the key tools this project is a “token bridge”, which is designed to peremescheniya tokens between blockchains.

The first token-the bridge will connect the network of Aion and ethereum, which is currently working its token.

Instead use smart contracts to keep copies of the tokens, as it does for example, Kik and ethereum, Nuco is actually offered to destroy the tokens as they move. Thus at one time, there is only one token.

According to Matt, Spoke, CEO of Nuco – the company behind Aion, the bridge operates in such a way that after the destruction of the token in the same network, it appears in another.

This micro-network is a set of nodes, which is decentralized, this process involves several participants, but that bridge is responsible for the transition to the new network.

According to Spoke, Ethereum will be the first network which will be built a bridge, but plans to start working with other blockchains.

“The bridge” will become even more universal over time. We want him to be able to communicate with any other blockchain.

Create a token of the bridge is another step Aion in the roadmap, according to which at the end of April was running a core network of this project.

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