Aion has launched its own core network

Aion has launched its own core network

Yesterday, the project team Aion has announced the successful launch of the main network called Kilimanjaro.

Project Aion is bloccano the third generation. It is a kind of platform for blockchain projects. The development of this idea is the company, Nuco, which was founded in the year 2016. One of the project advisors is acne Buterin.

Directly after the launch of the core network, the company organized a live broadcast during which project founder, Matthew Spoke summed up the results of this event, and also shared plans for the future.

Matthew noted that this is a big step in the development of the project and a serious test for the team. But this is just one of the upcoming major events.

No word on when it will appear original tokens network Aion. At the moment the network operates on the tokens ERC-20 on the basis of Ethereum.

The company noted that they were not going to run a mining pool, and those who are planning to engage in mining is recommended to count only on itself and does not connect to pools of third parties.

It also became known that in the near future there will be a transition token, which will provide the transition from tokens ERC-20 on the original tokens. However, the exact date of this event is still unknown.

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