Administration Reddit removed the ability to pay for services using Bitcoins

Administration Reddit removed the ability to pay for services using Bitcoins

Reddit — a social news site where registered users can post links to any any information on the Internet and share comments. The portal is very popular among the cryptocurrency community. All the heated debates and intellectual battles unfold there.

On 23 March, a Reddit user under the nickname BitcoinXo posted a video which showed step by step details of the premium subscription Reddit Gold. Based on the screenshot of the video, it is obvious that the site has retained only two possible ways — PayPal and credit card.

Another user of the resource under the name emoney40, who is also the moderator of the section, commented on the publication:

“Upcoming changes to Coinbase in conjunction with some errors if you pay in Bitcoin that affected some users has led to the removal of cryptocurrency as a payment option”.

In early March, Coinbase has published information on the replacement Coinbase Coinbase Merchant Tools for Commerce. Since April 30, 2018, the sellers who used Coinbase Merchant Tools, will no longer have access to this product. May 31 is the date of the final transfer to Coinbase Commerce.

The user emoney40 also noticed that the return BTC as a payment option is not guaranteed:

“We want first to observe the Coinbase promotion of Commerce and to study demand before making a decision about the return of Bitcoin as a payment method”.

Some Reddit users in the discussions noted that it is not used BTC to pay for Reddit Gold because of the high transaction fees . However, in February the Commission BTC are cheaper than Bitcoin Cash (BCH), which was considered the main competitor of Bitcoin.

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