Activated the old address in Ethereum

Activated the old address in Ethereum

One of the oldest ETH-holders that received their coins during the distribution of the funds during the Ethereum ICO in the distant July of 2015, with a purse of 380,000 ETH more than three years did not show any activity.

The first outgoing transaction in 929 ETH 227 was implemented a little over two weeks ago for not identified the address where they were again transferred to the same unknown address. None of the addresses are not similar to stock.

The second outgoing transaction in 152 071 ETH happened last night to the same address is not identified, as in the first case. This time the means didn’t move.

Earlier, at the same address, was transferred three transactions at 220 524 ETH, ETH 40 000 and 97 476 ETH purse, also received 378 000 ETH during ICO Ethereum in 2015.

So fundamentally nothing has changed except the fact that lay more than 3 years without moving funds to budge. And when you consider that they were indifferent to the market when the price of ETH reached their highs of almost $1 400 per coin, we can with high probability conclude that this holder there are more ambitious plans for these ETH.

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