Acne Buterin spoke about his Fiat assets

Acne Buterin spoke about his Fiat assets

Recently Vitalik Buterin, one of the most influential members of kryptonyte and head of Ethereum, spoke about his Fiat assets, it was sort of a response to the transaction analysis in his main wallet.

Based on the balances of cryptocurrency wallets Buterin, cash from sales to ETH, share in start-UPS and the annual salary CryptoSlate estimates the capital Buterin $ 79 million

Given the large percentage of possession of the cryptocurrency of your own project, his wallet Ethereum takes the 24th place in the ranking of the ETH domain. When the current balance and the cost of live to $ 135 per coin of its assets in bitcoin (350 000 units) is estimated at approximately $ 47 million.

March 19, founding partner of hedge Fund Capital Tetras Alex Sunnarborg conducted transaction analysis Vitalik Buterin in the air and tried to assess his Fiat assets.

Sunnarborg linked, the price of broadcast time transaction wallet Baterina. Based on these data, he calculated that from March 2016 for sale 545 000 ETH acne received about $ 49 million

Buterin clarified the situation, stating that his Fiat assets “much less”, below $ 30 million. he Also reminded about their donations to charity in the amount of $ 8 million:

However, acne Buterin definitely had incomes from other sources, such as consultations and presentations.

In addition to Ethereum Vitalik Buterin owns a lot of other coins: according to its February statement, the cost of other assets of approximately $ 690 000 in Maker (MKR), $ 625 000 in Augur (REP), $ 65,000 in OmiseGO (OMG) and $ 25,000 in Kyber Network (KNC). All together this is about $ 1.5 million.

Other cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and the zcash for (ZEC), are less than 10% of the total number of ETH. Presumably, they are estimated at $ 1 million.

Also he said that he owns a “significant” stake in the two corporations — Clearmatics and StarkWare. The first is a developer of software for the block chain, StarkWare Industries Ltd develops software to solve problems of scalability and privacy of the block chain.

Knowing the amount borrowed Clearmatics and StarkWare investment, the value of the shares is approximately $ 4 million in addition, Buterin receives a salary from the Fund Ethereum Foundation. In 2016, he stated the amount of his compensation to $ 150,000 a year, thus far it has earned about $ 500 000.

Summing up $ 47 million to ETH $ 25 million from sales of ETH $ 2.5 million in other cryptocurrencies, $ 4 million in stock and $ 500,000 salaries, as Vitalik Buterin is estimated at $ 79 million, it is believed that the real value of its assets may vary from $ 60 to $110 million.

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