Acne Buterin introduced the idea of scaling Plasma

Acne Buterin introduced the idea of scaling Plasma

During his unexpected appearance on ethereum conference in Paris EthCC acne Buterin presented a scalable solution for Plasma system with smart contracts, which aims to increase the processing capacity of the second largest block in the world.

Created Baterina and one of the authors Lightning Network, Joseph Punom last year, Plasma is one of possible solutions to the problem of scaling, the purpose of which is to increase the efficiency of ethereum, and is to create a layer smart-contracts, which can interact with the main bloccano.

But while the current iteration of the prototype requires that all users have downloaded and tested every smart contract in a Plasma, in his last speech Buterin described a way how you can achieve the same results using only a few data elements.

The main advantage here is that the amount of data that needs to handle clients, is greatly reduced.

Instead of having to download the entire history of the Plasma, users could instead generate “Plasma coins” by sending a Deposit to the contract. Thus, instead of having to download and test all, users can simply track the tokens that they created in this system.

Now users just need to check the availability and correctness of the chain only Plasma-specific index that they want to spend, or a particular index all of the coins that they have or the coins they have for one reason or another follow.

This idea belongs Buterin and developers Dan Robinson and Carl Flors, but it has not yet passed testing. According to Buterin, this is minimized the system can be applied as protection of cryptocurrency exchanges from large-scale attacks.

The vision is that the exchange may provide order execution through contracts based on Plasma.

I hope that will be hacked another exchange multi-billion dollar , created a completely incompetent developer, no one will lose any money.

But that of course is more important is that it can significantly speed up work on the scaling problem and thus meet the requirements of an expanding user base:

This is just one simple way to make Plasma more scalable and significantly reduce the requirements for its use for ordinary users.

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