Acne Buterin goes to Google?

Acne Buterin goes to Google?

Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin received a letter from tech giant Google. The company was interested in — whether the acne to join their team?

Buterin published in his Twitter account a screenshot of the letter and create a poll among your followers. Vitalik asked followers to Express their opinion about whether he should leave the Ethereum project and to join the staff of Google.

A little later the tweet was deleted. Perhaps he did it because he did not hide the email address of the sender, as did the media before the publication of material with a screenshot.

Elizabeth Garcia, the sender is a recruiter in Google, as evidenced by the entry in her LinkedIn profile. In the past, Elizabeth worked at the chamber of Commerce of Los Angeles as an interview coach.

No coincidence that a similar proposal was sent Buterin, since Google can’t come to an agreement with several companies that decided to use Blockchain technology, while tech giant seems to be lagging behind.

A number of former employees of the company have even created their own group for the development of blockchain projects. Called the “Blockchain XGoogler Alliance”, the community strives to help each “former googler” create your own blackany. The group was organized by former employees who have already founded their own company on the blockchain.

In his ubiquitous manner of acquisitions Google may have thought about hiring Vitalik Buterin for their own projects and thus to outperform competitors. Insiders from Google confirmed that the company is studying the technology of the Blockchain, but was very reticent about it.

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