Acne Buterin: centralized exchanges will burn in hell

Acne Buterin: centralized exchanges will burn in hell

Tech Crunch recently interviewed the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin and two other developers. We present to your attention an excerpt from this interview.

What was your reaction – economic reaction when you realized that the network is congested due to CryptoKitties?

For me it is once again stressed that the demand for public blackany very high and we need to intensify our work on scalability.

It seems bitcoin is a bit stuck in their development. This cryptocurrency has no leadership and the community to take some important decisions. What do you think about this?

Bitcoin does a lot of goals. There is a core team of developers. There are the miners, where 53% of the capacity in some way connected with Bitmain. Can they reach agreement? No. I mean that is a dead end.

Do you think at some point you can get a wall like that?

It is very possible. That is why we promote the idea of the road map Ethereum. In the eyes of most people in the community Ethereum roadmap is part of the social contract. So people who start to work or to invest in Ethereum, do it in the belief that the project will be developed.

Deadlock is possible in the sense that at some point in time, we’ll be stuck with the choice of a particular path of development. I believe that the platform remains fast-paced technology in a fast growing industry, which is a pretty big commitment – commitment to continuous improvement.

Do you think there is any likelihood that decentralized platforms will become major players in the industry?

Personally, I hope that centralized exchanges will burn in hell. Of course, to decentralize the Fiat part is incredibly difficult because the very essence of Fiat in centralization. So I think that part of the services in this area would be incredibly difficult to make decentralized.

As for the cryptocurrency component, I believe that this is the initial stage of its development. Although the decentralized exchanges that exist today made a major breakthrough in this field: you do not need to register, you do not need to go to some stupid web interfaces. All you need is to send tokens of the same type in a specific address and you will receive a token of another type. From the user’s point of view, it’s great. Obviously, there are still a lot of flaws, but what already exists is great.

The following are professional traders and other participants in the ecosystem, it remains to see whether they will go on decentralised solutions or not…

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