Acne Buterin calls to sue Craig Wright for plagiarism

Acne Buterin calls to sue Craig Wright for plagiarism

Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin openly criticized the latest patent research company nChain, calling the community together to challenge it in court.

Should start with the fact that the main researcher nChain Craig Wright. Yes, the same “true Satoshi Nakamoto” as he called himself, and this caused the open contempt Vitalik.

A new reason for the conflict was the acquisition of Wright latest European patent for the so-called “digital security”.

“This deterministic method of key generation provides an improved secure communication between a pair of the network node while maintaining the private keys secret,”— said in a press release dated June 25.

nChain is trying to create a tool based on the blockchain to facilitate transactions around the world through what they referred to as “Internet transactions.”

At the same time Buterin, learning about a new patent, said nChain did not offer anything new in terms of innovation, but only use other people’s old ideas in the field of blockchain programming.

“Looks like they’re trying to patent old technology, which is already involved in the structure of cryptomeria. For example, old open wallets on the basis of secret keys that we have implemented in practice in 2013”, — he wrote in Twitter on Tuesday. “Really there is no one who can prove in court the fact that they are trying to patent has long used technology?!”

Discussing the implementation of the patent, the company nChain said that the introduction of technology in cooperation with Japanese conglomerate SBI helped to legitimize what was allegedly invented them earlier.

“We will work with selected partners to derive maximum benefit for the ecosystem of Bitcoin Cash,” said CEO Jimmy Nguyen (Jimmy Nguyen), in its press release, adding that SBI and nChain “cooperate in the development of an enhanced secure encryption of the crypto systems in next generation”.

It will all end is still unknown. It is likely that it will be limited to words, as any time was between Butterini and Wright. For example, the situation when Buterin critically commented on Twitter about Wright’s presentation at the conference Deconomy. In response, Wright said that he is angry only because he understands the utopian and the limitations of Ethereum.

However, Craig Wright, as they promoted the cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash, often cause discontent not only Baterina, but also many other market participants.

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