Acne Buterin and Craig Wright publicly came out. In terms of men are not shy

Acne Buterin and Craig Wright publicly came out. In terms of men are not shy

Acne Buterin have used Twitter to publicly humiliate Craig Wright, while he held a presentation entitled “Bitcoin: a dispute about the principles” at the global economic forum Deconomy. Co-founder of Ethereum gone far enough, calling Wright a “crook.”

First Buterin announced his intention to comment on the promotional presentation of the Bitcoin Cash in real-time. Then so carried away that went to the person, calling the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright’s “crazy.” Moreover, he addressed the audience from the offensive to Wright the question is How this fraud was allowed to speak at the conference?

Buterin led his tweets feed, commenting on various aspects of the presentation against Bitcoin, as one would expect. However, everything took an unexpected turn as soon as on the scene with his speech in support of the Bitcoin Cash out Craig Wright.

The founder of Ethereum notes that the proposal of Wright, in addition to boasting their academic degrees, it was filled with “false”, “lack of logic” and “dog ***”.

A large part of the tweets Baterina after he criticized the arguments of Wright, are mainly focused on commenting on disputes between Samson MOU from Blockstream and Roger Ver of

To summarize:

Co-founder of Ethereum against Bitcoin do not have Cash, but he’s definitely against Craig Wright, and believes that should be banned to speak at conferences.

Craig Wright not in debt left and said acne in his Twitter account. According to Wright, he is so nervous because is aware of the demise Ethereum, which will bring him Cash for Bitcoin.

Well … looks like I broke … Vitalik 🙂 you Need to remember that he is a plank. I’ll be gentler next time.

In defense of the position Buterin made : the Creator of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, Zuko Wilcox, CEO of the zcash for the project, as well as the well-known trader darkpill.

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