A week on capovalle: Muscovite started an unusual experiment

A week on capovalle: Muscovite started an unusual experiment

Within two weeks Eugene Sergienko decided not to touch the usual money and means of payment, and use only cryptocurrencies.

Eugene is the second week without a penny in his pocket — he exclusively uses the cryptocurrency assets. Young businessman-designer of technical systems decided to experiment while on holiday in Cyprus. The first enthusiasm of Eugene hostility taxi drivers have laughed when he heard about the virtual currency. After another day in Eugene fully aware of the complexity of the situation, which itself had set:

“Electronic services pervade our lives, roughly speaking, where you used to pay and didn’t even notice. Now, when there is an obligation not to do so, begin to notice — Parking fines — it becomes obvious that we are very deeply integrated into the card”

A little easier was when was the network sites products and services for cryptocurrencies. It turns out that in Moscow thousands of sentences with calculations for bitcoin or ether — barter. Eugene sighed with relief — to starve and to walk — not have to.

“Flower delivery, tickets, clothes, for some reason a lot of coats, dresses, electronics…a lot of everything. There are travel, painting people write, Antiques, vinyl, record players, some rare records”, — Evgeny Sergienko.

First closed transport issue. For purity of experiment the young man rented electric scooter, not to pay rubles for Parking fines and petrol. Further found in a chain of grocery stores that accept payment in cryptocurrency. It’s mostly farm products — certainly not cheap, but he is not poor, though no money in the usual sense of the word.

By the way, just a week ago in the state Duma in the first reading adopted a draft law defining the status of cryptocurrency as property, not as a means of payment. If it will be like this permanently — experiments like the idea of Eugene in the future will begin to attract the attention of the Prosecutor’s office. In the digital segment of the business community have strongly criticised the bill, leaders of the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain even spoke at a special press conference with explanations of their vision for the transition to the digital economy.

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