A resident of the Netherlands implanted a bitcoin wallet

A resident of the Netherlands implanted a bitcoin wallet

Marketing Manager of the company involved in the sale of cryptocurrency ATMs, Martin Wismayer implanted in your hand, the NFC chip, which now performs the function of a bitcoin wallet.

NFC – Near field communication technology near field communication or NFC. The chip was developed by comrade Martin, of biohacking company Dangerous Things. Unit the size of a grain of rice implanted between the thumb and forefinger of both hands. According to Wismayer, the procedure took a few seconds and was not painful. The healing process took up to two weeks, thus to use the chip was already three days after the procedure of implantation.

In 2014, Wismayer already implanted a similar chip, but for what they were intended, not reported. They say that with their help, Martin opened the electronic locks on the doors, started the car and ran the clock.

This time the man decided to use modern technology for safe storage of crypto-currencies: the password is stored on the chip, which is quite difficult to crack. In addition, this payment method is extremely convenient — you can purchase “flick of the wrist”.

Wismayer, says that he would like to have this chip back in 2010 when I started to buy bitcoins:

“I can confidently say that more than 80% of bitcoins, which I owned, was lost due to hacking, theft and other problems.If I had a chip in 2010, I would now have to fabulously rich”

Wismayer did not say how many bitcoins in his hands, but insists that for reasons of personal safety, he carries with him “a small amount, just enough to buy a beer or coffee.”

In this case, the chip will not retain all of his bitcoins safe. Contradicts himself.

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