A rating of popularity of the cryptocurrency

A rating of popularity of the cryptocurrency

Today, it is difficult to find anyone who has not heard of bitcoin. Sometimes it even seems that such people more than those who know the meaning of the word “cryptocurrency”.

But are there any other cryptocurrency known “normal” people, non-geeks and not cryptocurrency enthusiasts?

A new YouGov survey asked exactly this purpose – to make a kind of a rating of popularity of the cryptocurrency. It turned out that the bitcoin heard almost all Americans (71%). Second place goes to Ethereum, to Ktorov I heard only 13%. Such a huge gap of almost 60% suggests that in fact, most Americans are still rather vaguely imagine the world of cryptocurrency.

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We present to you the top 5 “known” cryptocurrency (data for USA):

  • 71% of bitcoin
  • 13% Ethereum
  • 11% Litecoin
  • 10% Dash
  • 7% XRP

Results by gender show that men are more knowledgeable in the field of cryptocurrencies, than women.

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