A quarrel of neighbours: New allegations against North Korea and how it relates to the Olympics

A quarrel of neighbours: New allegations against North Korea and how it relates to the Olympics

Only, it would seem that the ice between the neighbors since the Korean Peninsula began to melt, as the public has stirred up a new wave of accusations, Seoul on Monday.

North Korea accused of hacking cryptocurrency exchanges and theft of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies for millions of dollars.

The claim after it became clear that the athletes from North Korea preparing to join his southern colleagues to compete as a team at the winter Olympics on Friday.

“North Korea sent out emails that could hack into the stock exchange, obtain sensitive information and steal cryptocurrency worth billions of won,” said Monday the representative of the parliamentary intelligence Committee of South Korea’s Kim Byung-Ki.

From Pyongyang do not stop proceed to attempt to crack the cryptocurrency exchanges, said Kim, but the South is doing everything possible to prevent further infiltration.

South Korea is one of the world’s major centers for trade in cryptocurrencies. North Korea has turned to cryptocurrencies not so long ago to get around the new sanctions imposed by the international community in response to nuclear testing.

The Hermit Kingdom over the last twelve months nor been accused of theft, stored and even bitcoin mining .

In my January report, the Security company Recorded Future claims that a team of North Korean hackers, known as the Lazarus Group, throughout 2017 attempted to hack into South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges.

Company for information security believe that Lazarus also was behind the devastating attack WannaCry, which “crippled” businesses and organizations around the world.

Lazarus used phishing emails with regards to the winter Olympics. Misled users, was held in the “infected” links and on their PC’s installed ON the computer.

The letters were specifically intended for users of Hangul Word Processor, a computer program, the Korean language is widely used in South Korea.

Lazarus is also accused of carrying out attacks on South Korean TV stations in 2013, the hacking of Sony Pictures in 2014 and stealing $ 81 million from the Bank of Bangladesh.

North and South Korean athletes will be held under a single flag during the opening ceremony of the Olympic games, the athletes of both countries will play a women’s hockey team.

South Korea calls the Olympics games reconciliation but the U.S. is working to undermine any growing rapprochement between the two countries.

It is reported that Mike Pence has named North Korean participation in the Olympic games ” charade “. At the opening ceremony the Vice-President will be the father of the late Otto Warble, American student imprisoned and beaten in North Korea. After 17 months spent in brutal conditions, the guy died.

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