A new lawsuit against the Ripple will lead to the collapse of XRP?

A new lawsuit against the Ripple will lead to the collapse of XRP?

While other cryptocurrencies gradually becoming more expensive, the cost of Ripple still has not reached the dollar. Despite the conclusion of partnership agreements with major banks, the cost has not increased. Nervous investors should begin to worry about their investments?

April 25 this year, the XRP was valued at $ 0,957 that was closest to $ 1. At the moment the coin is around 0,80$. It is unlikely that in the near future Ripple will make the leap and overcome the barrier of $ 1. USA.

So how to do things the Ripple? One of the main problems Ripple today was the trial, which is against the cryptocurrency. The company is accused of fraudulent action against users, angered by the never-ending ICO. At the end of last week in California had filed a class action in which Ripple Labs, its Director Bradley Garlinghouse associated with it dozens of entities and subsidiary XRP II was charged with several charges: violation of sections 5 and 12 (a) (1) of the securities Act of the United States, a violation of section 25110 and 25503 of the California Code of corporations, in violation of section 15 of the Act of United States securities. However, to the case went on, the Ripple should be classified as a security token.

So, what is the security token and whether it related to Ripple? Security token is an investment token and gives the owner the right on realization of the investment interests. For example, the investor is entitled to participate in the legal entity, capital, dividends, etc. There is a view that tokens Ripple in many ways closer to the security-token, and therefore to securities.

If legislators recognize XRP valuable paper, the output of the token to exchange is complicated further legal costs. Cryptocurrency exchanges don’t want to deal with tokens that can be classified as securities. Therefore, the future relationship Ripple with the stock exchange depend on this claim. But since the cryptocurrency market regulation as such is not very difficult to judge what will happen.

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