A new game in which the prize is 1 BTC

A new game in which the prize is 1 BTC

One of the developers of computer games have established a special prize for the first player, who will pass it to 1 bitcoin. At the moment it is around 10.000 USD.

According to rumors the developers of the game are relevant to the recovery service bitcoin wallets btcrecover.

A new game called Montecrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma should be out February 20th on Steam. The game will be passed in the first person, and consists of a 24 puzzle. In order to complete the game you will need to solve them all. Estimated price will be $ 1.99.

The game’s developers commented on the unusual choice of the main prize:

We will not aim advertising of crypto-currencies. We just think that 1 bitcoin as a prize is fun.

Rumors that the developers are associated with the service btcrecover appeared due to the fact that on the FAQ page of the game there is a link to the service.

This project demonstrates a completely different approach than most acclaimed of games related to cryptocurrencies. Unlike games such as Crypto Kitties that run on the blockchain and thus trying to attach people to the world of cryptocurrencies, developers Montecrypto just decided to establish a special prize for the first who will pass the game.

Team Montecrypto stated that they will remain anonymous until until the winner will receive a prize.

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