A Harvard student hacked into the phones of businessmen from the Silicon valley and stole $1 million in cryptocurrencies

A Harvard student hacked into the phones of businessmen from the Silicon valley and stole $1 million in cryptocurrencies

According to local media, a resident of Manhattan Nicholas Traglia allegedly stole $1 million in cryptocurrencies at the head of a company in Silicon valley, cracking his phone.

The young man (21), which, according to his account in Facebook, studying at Harvard University, charged with 21 serious criminal offence. November 14, Federal agents arrested Truglio in his apartment in new York.

According to the investigation, Troglio managed to hack the phones of six of the victims, but to steal the funds he managed only one of them, the CEO of Silicon valley Robert Ross. Truglia used the scheme a SIM swap. In this scheme, the hacker calls the mobile provider intended victim and claims to have lost or damaged your SIM card, and then transfers the telephone number of the victim on his phone. After that, he gets access to the phone data of the victim.

During a search Truglio agents found the hardware wallet, so was able to return $300,000 of the stolen funds. The accused, allegedly, October 26, withdrew $1 million from two accounts Ross on Coinbase and Gemini (what the cryptocurrency, not reported).

Truglio accused of theft in especially large sizes, change computer data to commit fraud and unauthorised use of personal data. He will have a deportation in Santa Clara, California, where charges will be filed.

Interestingly, in September of this year, Truglia accused the campaign of his “friends” that they broke into his apartment and torture forced the young man to tell them the details of his cryptocurrency account.

One of them, twenty-five year old Stephen Orso, allegedly demanded Truglio “tell him the credentials of his cryptocurrency accounts; he plunged the head of the victim in a tub of water, hit in the stomach with the legs and drip on his hot wax”, is told in the materials of the case.

The incident happened on September 7th this year. Orso, the son of a wealthy venture capitalist, and his three friends — David Lake, Steven Dorn and Chris David — after which lasted all night party accompanied by his friend, Truglio in his apartment in the skyscraper. It is reported that, Truglia, like his friends, was very drunk.

Lawyer friends Truglio Stacey Richman said that Truglia invented this story to cover up her own theft. According to her, she gave the Prosecutor an audiotape on which, Treglia admits that he lied.

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