A gunman of DNR Sailor decided not to buy cryptocurrency exchange Wex: Its new purpose — Exmo

A gunman of DNR Sailor decided not to buy cryptocurrency exchange Wex: Its new purpose — Exmo

The head of the Crimean branch of the Union of volunteers of Donbass Dmitry Hevchenko who fought in the ranks of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic under the call sign Sailor, abandoned plans for the purchase of cryptocurrency exchanges Wex with an average daily turnover of $20 million.

According to him, “this decision came after unsuccessful negotiations with the current official owner of the trading platform — 31-year-old native of Minsk Dmitry Vasiliev”.

Now, Havenco declared the intention to buy another crypto currency exchange — Exmo.

Date of signing the final documents for the deal from the Wex was appointed three times, but at the last moment all frustrated, complains Hevchenko. The last time the signing was scheduled for July 25, but instead Vasiliev arrived in Moscow, his lawyer, that did not suit Hevchenko. For a 100% ownership stake by Singaporean company World Exchange Services, which is the official operator of the exchange, Vasiliev was offered $3 million to $5 million, but he constantly changed the terms of the transaction.

Another reason for refusal from the purchase of steel difficulties Wex lately, says Havenco. Since the beginning of July the exchange rate of Bitcoin on the exchange substantially exceeds the weighted average: thus, as of July 26 you can buy at the Wex for $9600 on other sites for $7949 (data from Coinmarketcap). In addition, limited opportunity for withdrawal of assets from the exchange: the exchange of bitcoins, “ether” and other cryptocurrencies to traditional money (Fiat) can only be made through the service “Yandex.Money”, the Commission is 55%.

“Two weeks ago it was possible to fix the situation, now the time is missed,” notes Hevchenko.

However, the ex-fighter still retains the interest in the cryptocurrency business to make a “Patriotic project” in this field, in particular, it was the idea of translating the Wex team to the Crimea and re-site in one of the unrecognized republics. Now, instead of Wex he intends to purchase other exchange — Exmo c daily turnover of over $40 million Negotiation has already begun, says Havenco. But this is not confirmed by the co-founder of Exmo Ivan Petrovsky:

“At the moment, any suggestions concerning the purchase of the exchange were reported, no negotiations, we’re not.”

Havenco, says it will use only its own funds for the purchase of cryptocurrency exchanges. In the 1990s and 2000s he worked in Kiev in the gas company “ITERA”. In 2007, he headed the Ukrainian “daughter” of the Russian construction group SU-155. In 2014 he took an active part in the events of the “Russian spring” in Crimea, in may of the same year went to fight in the Donbass, where he was a colleague who was then the post of Prime Minister DND Alexander Borodai, former consultant to the Russian businessman Konstantin Malofeev.

Structure Malofeev and his group of “Constantinople” may be behind an attempt to buy Wex. And Hevchenko, the press service of “Constantinople” deny that Malofeev is relevant to this transaction.

Exchange Wex earned in the fall of 2017 as the successor of the oldest Russian platform for trading cryptocurrencies BTC-e, falling in July 2017 after the arrest in Greece at the request of the U.S. Russian Alexander winnick. By the end of 2017, the daily volume of trading on the Wex reached $80 million, she was in the top twenty most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, but by the summer of 2018, the revs fell to $20 million Now the total assets of clients — both cryptocurrency and Fiat balance — may be $100 million, says a source close to Vassiliev.

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