A former employee of Qiwi nominal 500 thousand bitcoins on company equipment

A former employee of Qiwi nominal 500 thousand bitcoins on company equipment

General Director of the Russian electronic payment company Qiwi said on Wednesday that one of his former employees used payment terminals of the company for mining bitcoin and thus nominal 500,000 coins in 2011.

The company’s CEO, Sergei Solonin said about this during a conversation with students of the Moscow school of communications. Solonin, whose company is actively cooperating with the Russian government on the blockchain, which launched a subsidiary of the blockchain the company in March last year, stated that due to this incident he found out what bitcoin is.

Solonin said that they found that one of the staff illegally uses the company’s equipment before it was used for bitcoin mining. A few months resourceful developer was mined bitcoins worth about $ 5 million, and it is several times larger than the company’s profit, which it receives from the use of this equipment.

“We struggled trying to get at least 3 cents from these terminals, and then it turned out that this is a gold mine.

Solonin said that the developer has left the firm after he was asked to hand over the profits from the use of property of the company. The company for some time, continued mining, but soon the complexity of the network became too high for the equipment Qiwi and they stopped doing it.

Qiwi refused to disclose the name of the developer. Solonin on the website of The Bell, said that as far as he knows, this developer lost all his money during one of the incidents of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

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