A former adviser to trump Steve Bannon calls cryptocephalinae to take decisive action

A former adviser to trump Steve Bannon calls cryptocephalinae to take decisive action

Stephen Bannon, Breitbart News co-founder and former chief strategist in the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is planning to enter the world of cryptography.

Bannon holds closed meeting with cryptocurrency investors and hedge Fund managers about the capabilities of the launch of ICO through its investment company Bannon & Company.

However, Bannon told the New York Times, will not describe in detail its plans for cryptocurrency, fearing that his reputation can harm them. However, it is obvious that the’bannon got the idea of creating their own blockchain project or even their own cryptocurrency.

Stephen Bannon is widely known for its support of cryptocurrency and blockchain as a means of liberation from the “new serfdom”.

According to reports, Bannon was interested in the cryptographic field, when the former actor Brock pierce, became the cryptocurrency entrepreneur, and Bannon held the position of Vice-President of his company. However, the team of Donald trump prevented Stephen to plunge into the world of cryptocurrency.

Timothy Lewis, co-founder of hedge Fund Ikigai crypto was “impressed” with knowledge’bannon about cryptocurrency technologies, when I met him last month to talk about the rules of cryptography and ICO:

“I didn’t know what to expect, but he clearly did his homework”.

According to “the new York times” at a meeting with scientists at Harvard University this spring, Bannon has also discussed the possibility of creating its own digital currency, the so-called “unfortunate currency,” which is a reference to the saying of Hillary Clinton, who called the team trump “sad bunch”.

And during the March lectures in Zurich Bannon praised the use of cryptocurrency in the confrontation
establishment in Europe.

Current interest’bannon demonstrates the possibility of countries to create their own crypto-currencies based on their national wealth, setting an example of Italian digital currency backed by the marble reserves of the country:

“It is clear to me that if you somehow do not take control of your currency, then all political movements will control those who control it”.

Bannon also believes that cryptocurrency can give power to citizens, which Central banks tightened in bondage, turning it into “debt slaves”:

“The control of currency is control over everything. They destroy populism. This is revolutionary!”

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