A famous buyer of pizza for 10,000 BTC is again pursuing such a deal. This time using technology Lightning Network

A famous buyer of pizza for 10,000 BTC is again pursuing such a deal. This time using technology Lightning Network

In the cryptocurrency community, there is even a holiday — the Day bitcoin pizza. It is celebrated in the day when Laszlo Haniz paid for two pizzas and 10 000 bitcoins. Think of Hanic still closely follows the main cryptocurrency in the world. Recently, again to buy two pizzas for bitcoin Laszlo have used technology Lightning Network.

Laszlo Heinitz is a cult figure

It’s safe to say that Bitcoin would not be popular without Laszlo Haniza. This man made the first commercial transaction of Bitcoin. In may 2010 he spent 10,000 bitcoins to purchase two pizzas. Given that Bitcoin had no real value at the time obviously this was quite a significant event for the cryptocurrency. Since the Bitcoin ecosystem has grown by leaps and bounds.

Over the past few years, the value of bitcoins has increased significantly, and the passage of time these two pizzas cost almost $ 100 million. Few expected that the world will evolve in this direction so quickly. But we should not look to the past. It is time to look to the future of Bitcoin, especially when it comes to using it as a payment method.

Lightning Network is really important

In recent years, transactions in bitcoin have become not cheap. Today, the fee is quite acceptable, but recently they exceeded $ 30. That is why the solution to the problem of scalability were essential. It seems that the Lightning Network has something to offer in this regard. Now it’s time to wait and see whether the decision to meet the expectations of people.

Laszlo Heinitz independently tested this technology, again bought two pizzas for bitcoins. Using the Lightning Network , the payment was completed almost instantly and, of course, its size has not been reached 10 000 BTC. It should be noted that the institution in which he ordered a pizza, does not accept bitcoin payments, but for a one-time transaction agreed.

This does not mean that everyone will follow the example of Laszlo Haniza. Before the LN go into global use, there is still a lot of work. However, the fact that people are willing to experiment with this technology is very important. With this decision, the Bitcoin will enter a new era.

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