A decentralized exchange based on hardware wallets Ledger

A decentralized exchange based on hardware wallets Ledger

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Radar Relay announced that it has added support for hardware wallet Ledger.

In a post on his blog Wednesday, the company announced integration with a hardware wallet Ledger that Ledger allows users to send and receive Ethereum or other supported tokens based on the ERC-20 directly to another wallet Ledger.

This is one of the first times that a decentralized exchange allows users to trade directly with one physical wallet to another. Radar Relay is already integrated browser-based wallet MetaMask.

The Ledger wallet owners can connect their devices to computers, to access ethereum apps, and then use the app Radar Relay to send funds. From there, users can select the price of gas, and the tokens and then to initiate the sending of funds.

The reaction cryptocurrency enthusiasts, this news was more than positive:

Radar Relay based on a Protocol Øx, first introduced last year. The main goal of this Protocol to accelerate without a Commission transaction on the ethereum blockchain. Øx appeared as a non-profit organization, one of the reasons for this was the desire to entice users to start using this Protocol. In August Øx collected $ 24 million during the ICO.

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