A bitcoin wallet, created on 1 July 2018, among the ten largest holders of bitcoins

A bitcoin wallet, created on 1 July 2018, among the ten largest holders of bitcoins

According to Bitinfocharts, the address Bitcoin wallet, which was activated 1 July 2018, among the ten largest. The wallet address is at the sixth position, and stores a total of 594,77 8 BTC, worth 566 million US dollars.

The first five addresses that contains the largest number of tokens Bitcoin, cryptocurrency belong to exchanges, including Bitfinex, Binance, Bittrex, Bitstamp and Huobi.

Created purse, referred to in the material, received a total of 85 947,12 4 different BTC addresses.

The first transaction was 85 947,127 BTC amounting to approximately 568 million US dollars.

During the second transaction was transferred 0.000008 VTS in the amount of about 5.3 cents.

The third deal was 0,000005 BTC, i.e. 33 cents, the fourth transaction 0,00000547 BTC, 3.3 per cent.

Latest arrival observed BTC of July 3, 2018 at 4:50:53 UTC.

A huge amount of BTC came from address that was created on March 25, 2018, and the last major transaction was concluded on 1 July 2018. Just at this address was committed 152 of the transaction, and the activity shows that the amount of revenue is greater than the number of terminals.

The purse contained 93 947 BTC, of which slightly more than 85 947 BTC were transferred on 1 July 2018, which is the largest transaction at the specified address.

The transfer had no market impact. It is likely that the address belongs to either the person who transferred the BTC to one of your accounts to another bitcoin or purchased on the exchange platform, which was recently created, and its trading volumes are too small to influence the market.

Interesting is the fact that the account became active the day after the alleged Satoshi Nakamoto announced the release of two books. The books will detail talks about Bitcoin and its importance, and about Satoshi Nakamoto.

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