94 of the 100 most successful blockchain startups use the Ethereum network

94 of the 100 most successful blockchain startups use the Ethereum network

According to Kevin Hand, cryptocurrency researcher and YouTube blogger, community Ethereum consist of more than 250,000 developers, with 94 of the top 100 on blockchain projects use the Ethereum network.

“You just do not get to build great apps and products without a large team. And today on the platform Ethereum employs about 250,000 developers. The cryptocurrency industry is still very small and thus 250 000 — a shocking number. In addition, developed by Vitalik Buterin framework Truffle already has 500 thousand downloads — the growth of the system did not prevent the decline of the cryptocurrency market in early 2018”

The vast majority of top altcoins and tokens, with the exception of Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash, built on a standard marker ERC20 Ethereum. Even Tron, the tenth-largest cryptocurrency in the world market with a market capitalization of 3,4 billion dollars, built on it (although currently, Tron is in the process of transition to an independent blockchain).

Two billion Chinese project VeChain, a startup Ontology (market capitalization of $1 billion), the ICON of South Korea ($ 900 million ) and the project Zilliqa ($ 850 million ) — here are a few examples of the large blockchain startups in Ethereum.

Over the past year, there was an alternative blockchain protocols with the aim to compete with Ethereum and develop in a leading peer-to-peer application platform. EOS, NEO, Cardano, Qtum and ICON has acquired a significant market capitalization and global presence, focusing on decentralised applications.

EOS, which is also based on Ethereum, has collected $ 4 billion in the biggest ICO in history, with the support of Mike Novogratz. Only NEO, Cardano and Qtum of the 100 best blockchain-world projects in decentralized protocols, applications created from scratch, with a genuine vision to become the leading platforms.

Despite its multibillion-dollar sale of tokens, EOS continues to rely on the Ethereum network for signing smart contracts.

Owner said that big capital is not enough to start the process of creating large blockchain for decentralized applications. Ethereum is popular only because of the successful Dapps, and if the developers leave the network, regardless of its complex architecture and technology, Ethereum will lose its value.

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