89% of owners of cards Visa, Mastercard, Unionpay know about cryptocurrency, and 53% were invested in them

89% of owners of cards Visa, Mastercard, Unionpay know about cryptocurrency, and 53% were invested in them

Worldcore service for the provision of payment services worldwide, conducted a study among its clients to find out how popular cryptocurrency among holders of Visa, Mastercard and Unionpay.

The aim of the study was to determine the willingness of people to deal with digital currencies via credit card. The study involved more than 10,000 people from 47 countries. In addition, data for the EU (28 countries) and CIS countries (12 countries) were combined.

About 89% of the respondents know very well what crypto-currencies. 53% of respondents purchased crypto-currencies at least once during the past 12 months.

According to the study RBR”s Global Payment Cards Data, Unionpay is one of the largest services using payment cards. In addition, Unionpay, Visa and Mastercard together occupy 80% of the payment cards market worldwide.

Among the respondents 36% were Japanese, 25% are from USA, 18% Korean, 8% – from the EU, 6% Chinese, 3% Hispanic, 2% Canada, 1% from Russia and CIS countries.

Of those who purchased the cryptocurrency in the last 12 months – 21% used credit cards, 36% used debit cards, while 43% used other methods of payment.

Among respondents who have not purchased the cryptocurrency in the period of time, 60% identified risks as the main reasons. 35% of them reported that they have “insufficient funds”, and 5% believe that the transactions with cryptocurrencies are breaking the law.

CEO Worldcore Alexey Nasonov, commented on the results:

Our clients include people of different professions and ages, but the study was conducted among a very active audience from the point of view of the transaction. Our customers can be described as well versed in the financial services industry.

Despite the fact that according to the survey of cryptocurrencies are quite popular among users of payment cards, many banks in different countries of the world have made impossible the purchase of cryptocurrencies through credit. They include such banks as: Bank of America, Citigroup, Jpmorgan, Capital One and many others.

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