80 000 online shops in Europe have the opportunity to take cryptocurrency

80 000 online shops in Europe have the opportunity to take cryptocurrency

Lithuanian cryptocurrency payment gateway Coingate merged with Prestashop — e-Commerce solution with open source code.

This Union means a lot to cryptocurrency enthusiasts, as it promotes the adoption of digital currencies in Europe.

Coingate + Prestashop = 80 000 more online sellers

Dmitry Andreevich Borisenko, General Director of Coingate , explained: “to Promote the adoption among people who are not related to the early cryptocurrency community is one of the most important priorities. Prestashop is an ideal base for small and medium-sized stores, which can use not only the cryptocurrency is an innovative and increasingly popular payment method that is much cheaper than a traditional payment card, but also advertising the advantages of tag #Bitcoin”.

After creating an account in Coingate, the project team promises online merchants a payment module, which is installed in the “a few clicks”. The module supports Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Core and about 50 other cryptocurrencies. Payments are received in a common currency, based on the choice of the seller.

Mr. Borisenko says:

“It is absolutely safe to accept the cryptocurrency as a payment method. We protect online merchants against the risk of exchange rate volatility by fixing the price of Bitcoin at the time of purchase. Traders who prefer to receive payments in Euro, in fact, have to mention cryptocurrency in General.”

Payments are made in Euro in real time. Both companies have experience in the areas of payments and cryptocurrencies. Coingate has 1,500 accounts worldwide, 50 000 users and a monthly income of about 10 million euros. Prestashop has existed since 2007 and has become a platform for open source with more than a quarter of millions of online shops almost two hundred countries.

It is expected that the partnership between the two companies will attract another 80 000 European Internet shops. “There is a whole new market of people who own digital currencies and are looking for ways to spend it, — has continued g-n Borisenko — but the gap between customers and traders in this field are still enormous. It is therefore essential to train and encourage businesses to adopt forward thinking and overcoming prevailing misconceptions that surround cryptocurrency “

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