7-nm bitcoin miner from GMO appears 6 June

7-nm bitcoin miner from GMO appears 6 June

The Japanese company GMO has announced that it will present its flagship bitcoin miner, equipped with a 7-nm chips, called GMO miner B 2 is the 6th of June.

Interested customers can register for VIP session now.

6 Jun

GMO Internet Group to launch GMO Miner B2, which is our own high-performance miner, Wednesday, June 6, 2018. We will be the first to start production of the miners are equipped with ultra-modern 7-nm chips (GMO 72b). First shipment is planned for the end of October 2018.

The company began work on the studies in September last year.

GMO is not only the manufacturer for miners, but also mines cryptocurrencies. Until recently the company used the miners third party for these purposes. With the start of production of own miner on the basis of 7-nm chip, GMO plans to move to the miners of its own production, as well as offer them to other companies interested in mining.

Photos of the new miner yet, but there are some illustrations, which were made in the process of developing new equipment.

Wednesday, June 6 at Shibuya, Tokyo, will be an information session for potential clients interested in buying GMO miner B2.

At this event, the company promised to announce a price for the equipment, and provide all technical data including performance.

At the same event, the company plans to present its services for cloud mining. It is important to note that in order to attend the event must pre-register. Persons without registration will not be able to get to the presentation, which will be held in Japanese.

We also learned that GMO abandoned plans for ICO to Finance the production of new miners as well as cloud mining.

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