69 forks of Bitcoin: Who and why they were needed, and why only 10 of them were successful

69 forks of Bitcoin: Who and why they were needed, and why only 10 of them were successful

A couple of years ago ppl were Bitcoin difficult to be called frequent. The results to date in the network Bitcoin has been a total of 69 plus 18 forks of forks of altcoins. Holders of Bitcoin, Monero, Ethereum and Litecoin if you want to get free almost 80 extra coins. The question is — and whether they.

For anybody not a secret that since the emergence of Bitcoin as Cash and the value of subsequent forks only worsened. But few people know the true number of pre-forked instances have occurred, not to mention some of the tokens in the result born. For example, how many of you say such names as Coral Bitcoin, Bitcoin Sudo or Bitcoin Star? Unlikely. Like most altcoins after Bitcoin forks, which can be found in the exhaustive list in Forkdrop.io, these coins are not traded anywhere.

Of the 69 bitcoin Perkovich coins today on the stock exchanges is trading only 10. Their total cost is $ 941. United States, or about 0.12 BTC. If you subtract the value of Bitcoin Cash, you will have just $ 206 0,026 or BTC.

With regard to the forks of altcoins created during a fork of Bitcoin, it is about a serious income, you can not even think. On Forkdrop.io lists 18 such forks. Among them Ether, Litecoin and Monero. In their networks as a result forks appeared only three coins that are traded on stock exchanges. Their total cost is $ 20.

No need to be a math genius to understand — a few token fork will enrich its owner.

As it turned out “forgot” Bitcoin is not so difficult. Tools such as Forkgen, promise to make for you all the hard work. The service allows you to choose the name and Ticker symbol for your token, as well as the weight limit of the block and the block height for the fork. Users Forkgen can also decide whether they want to realize the protection from repeated playback, which prevents accidental loss of the coins. Another service allows you to choose letters and figures, which will begin the addresses and private keys.

However, developers such as Minor forks of Bitcoin, Bitcoin is King and Bitcoin Boy I assure you that the hardest work starts after the fork.

According to bitcoin developer Jimmy song, no matter how many forks from Bitcoin and other coins was not — it had virtually no effect on the value of basic coins. Even if you make some technical changes, the cost of decentralized coins are still regulated by the market.

There is a coin that is not listed Forkdrop, this Bitcoin Private. Its peculiarity is that it is a fork of two networks of Bitcoin and ZClassic. BTCP began to bargain for about $ 80, but fell in four times in less than a month, although the project is very interesting.

Most of the rest of the tokens resemble the forks of the entertainment of teenagers and have no economic meaning. And all because most of the owners of cryptocurrency do not want to spend time and effort to receive almost nothing real coins.

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