64% of Germans know about bitcoin

64% of Germans know about bitcoin

The survey, published 15 February, the Federal Association for information technology, telecommunications and new media (Bitkom), Germany, showed that slightly more than two thirds of Germans know about bitcoin (BTK).

Awareness of the most popular bitcoin doubled in 2016, when 36 percent of German citizens stated that they had heard about bitcoin, and grew four times in comparison with 2013.

According to the survey this year, 4% of the 1009 respondents said they owned a bitcoin, 19% said that thinking in order to purchase bitcoins, and 72% said that they are not interested in the digital currency.

General Director of Bitkom, Bernhard Rohleder commented on the poll results:

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a good example of how the digital age is changing the financial world. It is not so much about the currency itself, but about the underlying technology – the blockchain, which already has an impact on the entire economy.

According to the Bitkom survey, two main reasons are referenced by 72% of Germans who are not interested in bitcoin is a risk of volatility and not knowing how to practice, you can use bitcoin.

Citizens ‘ awareness about cryptocurrencies in Germany is higher compared to some other countries. According to the survey from January 13, more than 56% of Russians heard about bitcoin. In August 2017 the China investment billionaire Charles Xue suggested that the vast majority of people in China, 70-80%, never heard about bitcoin.

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